Being in the automotive industry can be quite an undertaking. It doesn't matter if you are the automotive mechanic or you own a finance company in the industry or you dream of wanting to start a used automotive dealership yourself one day, it is inevitable that you will experience the downs that come with all the ups. At some point, you will be kicked in the teeth and have to make the choice to keep going or quit. The Brick and Motor Podcast is here to help answer the burning questions that we have all asked ourselves about what it takes to succeed in the face of adversity.

Every week on the Brick and Motor Podcast, Bobby Cheeseman, successful and driven Entrepreneur and Owner of Cheeseman's Automotive, will be interviewing automotive entrepreneurs so they can share their struggles, what they've learned, and how they succeeded in the automotive industry. Interviewees will range from finance men and women to owners of used car dealerships. Just some of the experts we will be interviewing are:

These experts will be asked engaging questions that will drill down to the bottom line and share what it takes to make it in the automotive industry. Some of the questions they may be asked:

  • What was keeping you from becoming an automotive entrepreneur?
  • What did you do to overcome it?
  • What made you believe you had what it takes to make it in the automotive industry?
  • What has been the lowest moment in your journey?
  • What is one thing that you would change about your field and why?
  • If you could start over again, is there anything you would do differently?

These, along with many other questions, will be answered in ways that will hopefully provide enlightenment for you on your journey in the automotive industry.


Who is Bobby Cheeseman?

Bobby Cheeseman
Bobby Cheeseman, Owner & Operator, Cheeseman's Automotive

Bobby hasn't always been successful in "the car business". The success he's had in the automotive industry just started a little over six years ago. After working for John Hancock securities for three years, he decided that the retirement planning business was not his passion. From this decision Cheeseman's Automotive was formed.

As crazy as it may sound, you don't need a wad of cash in your pocket to start your own pre-owned automotive dealership. Bobby definitely didn't! $7,000 in debt, $1,000 cash in his pocket and a will to succeed. He was looking to make a life change. He was ready to marry the love of his life, and there was no way he could continue down the path he was on, and he knew the time was now!

Six years later, Cheeseman's Automotive is a successful pre-owned automotive dealership nestled in the little town of Stapleton, Alabama. Bobby has had such great success with Cheeseman's that he was able to purchase a new location six months ago and has a constant changing flow of 25-30 cars on his lot at all times with a sales staff to help with any customer needs.

Bobby and Kaci
Bobby & Kaci Cheeseman

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