Episode BAM000 – Welcome to The Brick and Motor Podcast

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Welcome to The Brick and Motor Podcast, Bobby Cheeseman

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Brick and Motor Podcast. I’m your host, Bobby Cheeseman, and I wanted to thank you for joining us on our very first podcast show. What’s this all about? Well, thebrickandmotor.com podcast is a place where I’ll interview amazing automotive entrepreneurs who will share with you their struggles as they entered, learned, and succeeded in the automotive business. These people will range from the finance men and women to the used car dealers who struck out on their own and everyone in between. The automotive entrepreneurs I’ll be interviewing will be asked engaging questions that drill down to the bottom line and share what it takes to make it in this business. You’ll get to hear the pain of their struggle and what it took for them to overcome adversity.

They’ll be asked questions like what was keeping you from becoming an automotive entrepreneur? What did you do to overcome it? What made you believe you had what it took to succeed in the car business? What was the lowest moment in your journey? What one thing is essential to succeeding in this business? If you could start all over again would you do anything different? Getting the answers to these questions from the men and women that I’ve observed that are just crushing it in the business has fascinated me over the last six years. The variations in answers and perspectives have been enlightening to say the least. I believe that as you listen to these men and women, you’ll find their insight intriguing and helpful to your business. No matter if you are working for someone else right now or you’re operating your own auto business, the knowledge gathered through these entrepreneurs’ experiences have proven to be invaluable to me and I know they will be to use as well.

Now that you know a little bit more about what we plan to deliver, I want to introduce myself. Hi. I’m Bobby Cheeseman. I’m the owner and operator of Cheeseman’s Automotive. We’re a small used car dealership located in South Alabama in the sleepy little town of Stapleton. Six years ago, I was at the end of my rope, having tried multiple business ventures, succeeded at some and learned from others. I was lost. My latest learning experience came from a three-year attempt to succeed as a retirement planner with John Hancock Securities. After three years, I simply discovered I wasn’t cut out for this business and with my back against a financial wall, I began doing the only thing that I swore as a boy I would never do, the car business.

You might ask, “How can you start a car business when you’re in financial trouble?” Well, I’ll tell you it’s not the most ideal situation to start with, but necessity is the mother of invention. There’s something about having $1,000 of real cash, being $7,000 in debt, living in the upstairs bedroom of your parents’ home at the age of 27, and being engaged to a woman that you love that will motivate your mind to come up with some creative solutions to the problems you face. Cheeseman’s Automotive was born. Now six years later, I make a comfortable six-figure income and I’m enjoying life with my beautiful bride. Myself and the men and women that I’ll interview are people that worked their tails off to get to where they are and they deserve every bit of the benefits that they receive. Lastly, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll be able to grow and learn from what’s shared here. Now, I’ll step aside and let you hear from the experts.

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